Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet ‘A disaster’?

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04.14.10 15 Comments

Question marks in the headline can mean only one thing: it’s time to prognosticate!  This story may not be true, so we’re free to speculate wildly!  Yee haw!  Now who wants to get shot in the dark?

*roller skates up to curb, turns off flashing lights on Speedo*
Rumor patrol here, folks.  Today’s possibly true news from an unnamed source comes from IESB, who say Sony execs are not pleased with the Seth Rogen-scripted, Michel Gondry-directed comedic take on The Green Hornet.

What we’re hearing is the Sony executives are displeased with the results. The tone is too campy [A campy Green Hornet movie?  The dastard!], they’re not happy with the work from director Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen does not look the part. At all. In fact, the feeling at Sony is the movie is a disaster.

Wait, Seth Rogen doesn’t look the part of a super hero?  If only they somehow could’ve  seen this coming…  Look, I know Michel Gondry’s movies since Eternal Sunshine haven’t been amazing, but the man painted me a tranny with a bottle in its butt for $20.  Where I’m from, that counts for something.  And keep in mind, these Sony execs who supposedly think the Green Hornet film is a disaster, they’re presumably the same people who thought Bounty Hunter and Did You Hear About the Morgans? looked like feel-good thrill rides.

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