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05.06.09 35 Comments

USA Today dropped some new pictures from Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes (starring RDJ as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson). Here’s a snip:

Sherlock uses his bartitsu skills against two thugs who are blocking his way through the catacombs of London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral (actually St. Bartholomew’s, the oldest church in the city).  “It’s a kind of Japanese street fighting,” explains Ritchie, who holds a black belt in karate.  “It uses walking sticks, bowler hats, choke holds to put people to sleep – any practical means possible.”  The form of martial arts was invented in England in the late 1800s and was mentioned by Conan Doyle in one of his stories.

Time out, “bartitsu”?  Bowler hats?  This sh*t is real? Only the English could conceive of something so silly.  “Well, guv, it was a roight donnybrook, it was.  First ‘e comes at me, ‘e did, den oy shoined ‘is boots.  Oy shoined ‘is boots real good, oy did, an’ dey was so shoiny dat when a propa lorrie come by, ‘e get bloinded and da lorrie done knocked ‘is block off, it did.  Knocked ‘is block off propa.”

[more pics and stuff at USA Today]

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