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08.24.07 9 Comments

When David Lynch isn't making nonsensical movies for pretentious douchebags to endlessly dissect, or trying to build Award season buzz for Laura Dern by walking around Los Angeles with a cow (rumor has it that people would come and try to touch the cow and Lynch would yell "Stop it, the cow's working!"), he occasionally gives interviews to MTV.

In this one, he promotes his new Inland Empire DVD, which has an hour of extras, including a cooking show and footage of the actors dressed as rabbits.  

I don't cook, but I had this recipe for quinoa. And cooking shows are very popular. So I thought I'd do a cooking thing.

He also discusses why he likes The Bourne Identity, and why he turned down George Lucas' offer to direct Return of the Jedi (yes, you actually read that, it wasn't the mushrooms kicking in).

To me, David Lynch is like an idea for an SNL sketch that sounds hilarious but will be tedious if you actually watch it (Dude, what if Jesus had a brother with Down Syndrome?); I may not sit through Inland Empire, but I'll sure as hell watch a few minutes of Naomi Watts in a rabbit costume.  Also, "Heineken? Fuck that shit! PABST BLUE RIBBON." 

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