SNL’s Unstoppable Parody vs. FilmDrunk’s Unstoppable Parody

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11.15.10 13 Comments

When the trailer for Tony Scott’s Unstoppable (aka Train Day) hit a few weeks ago, it was hard for us here at FilmDrunk HQ to see it as anything but fertile ground for ridicule (to be fair, we said the same thing about a baby funeral).  While we rolled out our mash up parody a few weeks back, Saturday Night Live dropped theirs last night.  You can see theirs above, ours below.  Here’s my brief-but-totally-impartial analysis.

Theirs had:

  • Jay Pharoah’s solid Denzell Washington impression
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • “The Chrysler Building”

Ours had:

  • Brevity
  • A theme
  • Jesus

Giving them the benefit of the doubt (on account of their actually-pretty-funny Millionaire Matchmaker parody), we’ll call it a draw. That said, Seth Meyers still isn’t fit to hold my jock strap while I’m banging his mom.

Sidenote: Anyone else see this episode?  Quality of music aside, Arcade Fire looks like a family of tramps who cut each other’s hair. Designed not for fashion, but to avoid lice.

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