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10.09.08 34 Comments

Web fingaz and jazz hands, together at last. Homophobic Turtle is not pleased (…or is he?).

I’ve covered this once before, but a Broadway producer named Julie Taymor (The Lion King) is working on a broadway musical about Spider-Man.  Today the NY Post reports the budget is $40 million, the most expensive production in theater history.

Some of the people involved (there are dozens and dozens, with more being added daily) are starting to blanch at the price tag. With straight faces, a few are running around town saying things like: “Well, it’s $40 million now, but we think we can get it down to $35 million.”
If – and it’s a big “if” where Julie The Lion Taymor is concerned – they do bring it in for $35 million, “Spider-Man,” with a weekly running cost of $1 million, will have to run about 8,000 years in a Broadway theater just to break even.
“It’s off the charts,” one source says. “Off the charts.” [Later adding, “Wave of the future.  Wave of the future, Wave of the future…]

Keep in mind this is a musical.  About Spider-Man.  With songs by Bono™.  There will be choreographed dance numbers about Dr. Octopus and the Green Goblin.  I could eat nothing but peyote every day for the rest of my life and still not come up with anything as fantastically stupid as this.

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