Spider-Man Musical Being Delayed Again While They Rewrite It

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12.20.10 35 Comments

You might be surprised to hear this, but the $65 million Broadway musical about Spider-man with music by U2 is in the news again, and again sounding not altogether un-disastrous. Just when the actress who played Arachne had finally recovered from her concussion (she got clocked by a rope two weeks ago), the show has been delayed again.

Lead producers have decided again to delay its opening night, now scheduled for Jan. 11, until sometime in February. With preview performances now under way the delay is intended to provide more time for the creators to stage a new final number, make further rewrites to the dialogue and consider adding and cutting scenes and perhaps inserting new music from the composers, U2’s Bono and the Edge.

So basically, rewriting the whole damn thing.  Hmm… (*rubs chin thoughtfully*) …Perhaps you could make it… not a play?

Reflecting the view of some audience members who have criticized the show on blogs, Twitter and Facebook, Ms. Taymor and the producers have concluded that Act II has storytelling problems that need to be fixed. While Act I is a familiar rendition of Peter Parker turning into Spider-Man, Act II is largely the invention of Ms. Taymor and Bono, and includes some major reversals that can be hard to understand in the fast-moving show.

Said one commenter to the show’s Facebook page: FAKE. GAY.  MOAR B00BZ PLZ OR GTFO, KTHXBAI 3===> ~~~ ( o Y o )

Ms. Taymor and the playwright Glen Berger, who wrote the book together, have been inserting revised dialogue at almost every performance to clarify the action, with special focus given to Act II as well as the four characters who serve as a so-called Geek Chorus, comic-book devotees who serve as narrators.
It will be the fourth major delay in performances since January 2010, when previews were originally supposed to begin; the first two delays were due to problems raising money to mount the $65 million show, while a two-week delay in November, caused by the need for more rehearsal time, also pushed back the opening, which had been set for Dec. 21. [NYTimes]

Jesus, this thing has narrators and people still don’t understand it?  I thought this was a musical.  Don’t they usually sing every line like 50 times?  Just get that guy from Repo! the Genetic Opera to rewrite it.

And Spider-Man was bit/by a radioactive spider…

By a radioactive spider?

Yes, a radioactive spider.

And the radioactive spider/gave the spider special powers.

It gave the spider special powers?

That’s right the spider special powers…

(*jazz hands to fade out*)

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