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12.19.08 20 Comments

Stephen Chow, director of Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, has dropped out as the director on Green Hornet but will still co-star as Kato.  The film is set to star Seth Rogen in the lead, with a script by Rogen and co-Jew Evan Goldberg. No new director is set, but the switch may be a good thing considering Chow was most recently a producer on

The character began on radio in the 1930s and is best known from the ’60s TV version. But a bigscreen translation is having a long gestation [sic], going through many incarnations, including as a proposed George Clooney vehicle.  Chow signed in September to direct the film and play the role originated in the TV series by Bruce Lee. He stepped out as director over creative differences. [Variety]

I think it’s a smart idea to do this as a comedy.  There’s no way you’re going to take a character who was campy 60 years ago and expect people to take it seriously.  I mean, unless the soundtrack has a lot of rap-rock on it.  Like, a lot of rap-rock.  OO WHA AA AA-AA… *bodies hit floor*

One time I caught this in my green whore net.

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