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04.13.09 20 Comments

Tara Reid is set to return to the American Pie series in American Pie: Book of Love.  That’s the seventh movie of the series and the fourth to go direct-to-DVD, for those of you keeping score at home.  This will be Reid’s first appearance since American Pie 2.  Eugene Levy, the only actor from the original movie to appear in all five of the sequels, will be back for this one as well, presumably because he has a gambling and/or cocaine problem.  Wikipedia even provides this helpful chart for determining which actors appear in which movies.

I gotta think the only thing keeping this franchise afloat at this point are foreigners trying to learn English.  I can’t see anyone else flocking to the “Not-Good-Enough-to-Get-a-Release” section at Blockbuster.  In related news, I sat in that section at high school pep rallies. /blue balls.

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