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02.12.09 66 Comments

“Did you hear something?”

Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Saws I-IV and the Paris-Hilton-starring goth musical Repo! The Genetic Opera – easily the last movie I’d ever want to sit through outside of gay porn – has announced that his next project will be about a diamond heist set on a submarine.  You might wonder what one does with diamonds on a submarine. Duh – look fabuloooussss.

Bousman says AKULA is “very different” from the other films he’s directed. For those wondering what the hell the title is about, an Akula is a nuclear-powered attack submarine. The film is based on a script by Mark Distefano and an old logline that I tracked down online (from when the film was titled THE AKULA JOB) describes the film thusly: A career criminal teams up with a DEA agent determined to pull off a diamond heist on a submarine. [JoBlo]

Something something Paris Hilton something “full of seamen” something something.  Sorry, I got nothing.  Heist movie on a submarine.  Sounds f-cking great.

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