The top 10 movies people lie about having seen

British movie rental company Lovefilm recently released the results of a reader poll that asked which films people lied about having seen.  They found that four out of five people had lied about what movies they’d seen to impress people. The Godfather topped their list of most lied about, with almost a third of people reporting that they’d pretended to have seen it.  Here’s the full list:

1. The Godfather (30 per cent)
2. Casablanca (13 per cent)
3. Taxi Driver (11 per cent)
4. 2001: A Space Odyssey (9 per cent)
5. Reservoir Dogs (8 per cent)
6. This Is Spinal Tap (7 per cent)
7. Apocalypse Now (6 per cent)
8. Goodfellas (5 per cent)
=8. Blade Runner (5 per cent)
10. The Great Escape (4 per cent) [PressAssociation via SlashFilm]

So lying about having seen a movie… that’s something people do?  Who’s actually impressed by this?  Ooh, you sat on your fat ass eating butter-dunked popcorn for two hours, let’s cast your effigy in bronze.  The closest I ever come to lying about what movies I’ve seen is when I meet an older person who’s interested that I write a movie blog and I have to pretend I give a sh*t about Kurosawa.