“There’s something on the tracks!” An Unstoppable Parody.

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10.26.10 18 Comments

Here at FilmDrunk, we’re huge fans of the trailer for Tony Scott’s Unstoppable.  There’s just something compelling about a movie that keeps upping ante, dramatically.  There’s a runaway train, you say?  My God!  Wait, it’s not a TRAIN, it’s actually a MISSILE the size of the CHRYSLER BUILDING?  With NO AIR BRAKES? And Denzell Washinton’s KIDS are on the track?!?  NOT AGAIN! SOMETHING’S GOTTA BE DONE! I DON’T CARE WHAT THAT PENCIL-PUSHIN’ BUREAUCRAT SAYS!

Anyway, like I said, we love Unstoppable, so with the help of our video editor, Oliver, we decided to take the idea to its logical conclusion.  LOOK OUT, THERE’S SOMETHING ON THE TRACKS!  IT’S CUTE AND FUZZY AND POSSIBLY DISABLED!  Enjoy.

[additional thanks to Frotcast listener Gabe]

(Here’s the original, in case you forgot what that looked like).

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