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01.31.09 30 Comments

The Black Freighter, the comic within the comic in Watchmen, hits DVD March 24th. I have no idea what that means.  Where am I?  What’s going on?  Why’s my hand down your swimsuit? [UGO]

Broken Lizard’s Freeloaders has new castmembers. Meanwhile Freeloaders writer/director DAN ROSEN IS DEAD. I think. I dunno, I read it in the comments section of some website.< /self referencing > [THR]

It doesn’t matter what lines you write, this chick will act the f-ck out of them. Bet she’d be a great lay. [HolyTaco]

Trailer for Goemon.  It’s live-action!  It’s animated!  It’s… Japanese! [ScreenJunkies]

For a movie with a title as awesome as Make Out With Violence, this movie sure looks boring. [QuietEarff]

The extended version of that Jason Statham Audi commercial. Says the Stath: “Oi, dat ain’ all dat’s extended, donnit?” [TrailerAddict]

From the makers of Saw comes… CHAIN LETTER! Okay, seriously?  Now you’re just playing pin the horror on the stupid concept. [YouTube]

New Budweiser is made with footballs. [Atom]

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