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04.08.09 15 Comments

  • I’d love to see a truth-in-advertising campaign for the Biffy Bidet.  “Biffy: It cleans the poop off your butthole.” [via Videogum]
  • Borat/Bruno director Larry Charles next project will take on the topic of old people having sex. I say “take on” because it’s the kind of thing you don’t want to approach without a knife or a pool cue. [ScreenJunkie]
  • Since I know many of you will be excited about this, Eastbound & Down has been renewed for another season. ..And that is why I am the BEST PERSON in THE WORLD.  So kiss my ass and suck my di- *please turn over to side two* [WarmingGlow]
  • The only thing that would make HolyTaco’s tribute to girls cleaning cars better is if it were about girls cleaning my house.  [HolyTaco]
  • Year One was given an R rating by the MPAA despite an appeal for leniency from Judd Apatow and director Harold Ramis.  Said Ramis following the ruling, “Yeah, well all those mother effing C essers can go eff themselves in the B.  Buncha jerks.” [THR]
  • Al Pacino is set to play Napoleon in Betsy & the Emperor. Meanwhile, short Italian guys everywhere have been playing the part of Napoleon for years. In related news, Napoleon Bonerpart would be a sweet porn name. [Empire]
  • Crank High Voltage will feature Corey Haim.  Man, it’s almost as if that movie is trying too hard. [JoBlo]
  • Zombie arrested in Louisiana for biting his neighbor.  Which is dumb, because everyone knows it’s the guy who gets bit who has to be locked up.  Also, the zombie thing?  Played out, bro. [BlogofHilarity]
  • Clerks won Best Week Ever’s “Most 90s Movie” title, even though everyone knows Singles is easily the most 90s movie ever. [BWE]
  • The Five Most Famous Backup Dancers, aka Five Backup Dancers Whose Names We Knew. [MeettheFamous]
  • The Dark Knight meets Superman Part 2. Because Batman has no superpowers, you see. [CollegeHumor]

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