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09.16.08 59 Comments

The Times Online reports that Tobey Maguire has signed a deal expected to be worth $50 million to shoot Spider-Man 4 and 5 back to back over six months next year.  Maguire only agreed after he was granted mornings and evenings off as “family time” to spend with his daughter “Ruby Sweetheart” (sorry for the quotes, it’s just a lame name).  Meanwhile, Steve McQueen’s widow basically called Maguire a pussy.

Some critics have mocked the current generation of Hollywood actors as “boy-men”. Steve McQueen’s widow Barbara said she could not imagine him asking for “family time” when making The Great Escape. Like McQueen, Maguire came from a troubled background. He planned to be a chef until his mother, an aspiring scriptwriter, gave him $100 to take acting rather than cooking lessons to make sure he “got to know the world”. It worked.

Hmm, I’m not sure wanting to spend time with your daughter makes you a pussy, but I know a crew full of people half-assing it for the money and a star who only works during the middle of the day will no doubt make for a really good movie.  Spider-Man 5: Because They Begged Us.

UPDATE: Not an update, per se, but I got the hair-flip .gif working again and I didn’t want to deny anyone its creepiness.

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