Transformers extra in critical condition after serious head injury

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09.02.10 30 Comments

Late last night, I received a second-hand eye witness report that an extra had been killed in an accident on the set of Transformers 3.  I couldn’t verify it, so I didn’t run it, because I’m sure we all remember what can happen when you accidentally report that a living person is dead.  The good news is that the extra is alive, though the fact that a person who saw the accident thought she wasn’t doesn’t bode well.  …And I’m realizing now that the Massive Headwound Harry Photoshop may have been in poor taste. TMZ‘s account:

Officials say the accident happened during a driving scene … when an object went through the windshield of a car, hitting the driver.
An extra on the set described the accident to WLS-TV … saying, “The vehicle was being towed by another vehicle … the cable between the two vehicles broke. It whipped around and sliced through the woman’s car and sliced through her skull, apparently. ”
The victim was airlifted to a local hospital. We’re told she’s currently in critical condition.

Yikes.  At least Michael Bay has some good karma built up from the puppy thing.  More from CBS Chicago:

During the stunt, an object struck a 2006 Toyota and went through the windshield and hit the driver, according to the release. 24-year-old Chicago woman Gabriela Cedillo was an extra in the movie and the owner of the Toyota, but was not a member of the stunt personnel, State Police said. After being struck, the Toyota hit the inner median concrete barrier and continued for almost a mile before coming to a stop, according to the release. The vehicle had extensive damage to the driver’s side.
Off-duty Indiana State Police troopers were at the location working with Alliance Security and notified State Police immediately, according to the release. Fire and emergency medical service personnel were also on scene at the time of the crash and Hammond, Ind., fire personnel also responded.

Ugh, I hate reporting depressing, serious news.  If I wanted to do that I would’ve put on pants, and not gotten fired from all those other jobs.  Usually on Michael Bay movies, the head-injury stories are less literal.

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