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12.22.08 27 Comments

If you watched football at all this weekend, you probably caught that ad (video after the jump) for The Spirit full of glowing review quotes.  You probably thought, “Wait, isn’t that the movie everyone says is a disaster?”  Yep, the very same.  Turns out all the quotes in the commercial came from some douche no one’s heard of. But if you want something more honest, you need only look at the short Variety article about The Spirit‘s premiere (in Variety parlance, The Spirit “preemed” last week at the Chinese theater – meanwhile, I wonder if Variety’s writers were “preemies”):

The After-party was across the street at the Roosevelt Hotel where producer Deborah Del Prete said director Frank Miller would rather draw than tell the actors what he wanted done on set. [emphasis added]

Yeah, that sounds about right.

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