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09.27.07 23 Comments

UPDATE: In the meantime, Steve O and Trishelle (NSW) will be "de-wuss-ifying" America on the USA Network (more clips here and after the jump) by doing stuff like teaching guys to direct porn, as in the above clip.  Thanks to Ufford at WithLeather and Michelle from USA

A while back i reported that Jackass 2.5 would be out in time for Christmas.  Calling it Jackass 2.5 sort of implied they were making a Jackass 3, and according to Steve O on Howard Stern, they’ll be filming it in January. 

I only hope that they’ll keep making Jackass movies until someone dies on camera (preferably Preston, what a douche).  It will be their ultimate masterpiece and a mainstream snuff film, unlike those third world snuff films Jerry Bruckheimer masturbates to.   

Though I was happy to hear of Jackass 3, Howard Stern was no doubt upset that Steve O’s latest appearance paled in comparison to his last, in which he described masturbating on Nicole Richie’s butt while she was sleeping.  Hey, if that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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