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UPDATE – Rory over at Vice sent me the heads up on the newest trailer

Heavy Metal in Baghdad, a documentary made by the guys from Vice Magazine, has picked up an American distributor and should see a theatrical release this spring.

Heavy Metal in Baghdad is a feature film documentary that follows the Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda [Latin for "Black Scorpion" – rock you like a hurrican, Dawg] from the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003 to the present day. Playing heavy metal in a Muslim country has always been a difficult (if not impossible) proposition but after Saddam’s regime was toppled, there was a brief moment for the band in which real freedom seemed possible. That hope was quickly dashed as their country fell into a bloody insurgency. From 2004-2007, Iraq disintegrated around them while Acrassicauda struggled to stay together and stay alive, always refusing to let their heavy metal dreams die. Their story echoes the unspoken hopes of an entire generation of young Iraqis.

It’s pretty cool that they’ve managed to not get their heads chopped off.  But also not very metal.

And yes, this was all an elaborate excuse to post a Metalocalypse clip. 

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