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01.06.10 22 Comments

(Best part of Vince Vaughn in this picture? I’m currently wearing those exact pants. And I rarely wear pants.  What am I, a stock broker?)

Vince Vaughn has signed on to star in a movie from director Ron Howard, based on an idea from producing partner Brian Grazer, who presumably came up with it after staying up for four days  smoking meth off a lightbulb and putting more gel in his hair.  You know, I imagine.

Allan Loeb (21) wrote the currently untitled script, which would go before cameras in the spring. The story follows a man who learns that his best friend’s wife is cheating and must then navigate treacherous waters to decide what do with that knowledge.
The project is said to continue Vaughn’s interest of tackling the dark areas of relationships, which he did with “The Break-Up” and, to a lesser extent, “Couples Retreat,” which ended up leaving its darker moments on the editing room floor. [THR]

The guy we all loved in Wedding Crashers has been lazily half showing up to collect paychecks for the last few years, and Ron Howard is an infamous cornball, but his best work has always been on comedies (Parenthood, Arrested Development, EdTV).  Also, 21 was effing terrible.  I think a better idea would be an Odd Couple story about Brian Grazer and Vince Vaughn.  Vaughn could roll out of bed at 3 pm and smoke a cigarette, only to find Brian Grazer just staring at him.  “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up since 6 am!  I wanted you to know our house has 8,753 bathroom tiles!  Also, I picked a nostril scab that looks Ernest Borgnine!”

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