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01.16.09 21 Comments

Capital One allows people to customize their credit cards with pictures, so naturally 35-year-old Oklahoma salesman David Mackie thought of Nick Nolte’s mug shot.  It was only after Mackie received the card that the bank realized its “mistake.”

…a bank representative called him Monday and asked for the return of the Nolte credit card, noting that the use of a celebrity’s image violated the bank’s “image upload guidelines.” In a follow-up letter, Capital One offered Mackie a “$50 customer goodwill statement credit” for the Image Card’s return. Mackie, who has had a Capital One credit card for years, returned the Nolte card Tuesday in a prepaid UPS Next Day Air envelope, which the bank helpfully provided. [TheSmokingGun]

I’d like to pretend it’d take more than $50 to buy me off, but the truth is I’d probably chug the grease trap at Arby’s for a couple bucks.  Hey man, money’s money.  Reached for comment, Nick Nolte said, “If’n he wants ta use mah picture it’s okay by me. Me, I never had much use for no credit cards.  Though I usta have an old rattlesnake belt that they’d put notches in down at the saloon in Del Rio, then at week’s end me ‘n the proprietor’d settle up, minus the taxidermy work I’d do fer him from time to time.  That was back in ’54, before a laudanum overdose done took mah third wife Melba, God rest ‘er soul.”

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