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01.30.08 39 Comments

That’s right, folks, question marks in the headline can mean only one thing: it’s time to prognosticate! Will Morgan Freeman run for President? Would this monkey let me squeeze her tits for a banana?  No one can say for sure, and that means we’re free to speculate wildly! Yee ha!

Today’s question mark is based on what actor Christopher Plummer, who’d been working on Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus with Terry Gilliam and Heath Ledger, told People magazine. 

"Terry’s throwing himself into the job of trying to salvage the picture," …Despite earlier reports that the director might shelve the $30 million production, Gilliam, whom Plummer describes as "terribly saddened" by Ledger’s death is "trying to work out at this moment how to continue on. Fortunately, because the film deals with magic, there is a way, perhaps, of turning Heath into other people and then, using stills and I think they call it CGI…

"Terry was a very good friend [of Heath’s]," adds Plummer. "He very wants to go on with the movie, and I can very much understand why. Because he wants to dedicate it to Heath, of course." 

I’m not sure what’s sadder, Heath Ledger dying young, Terry Gilliam facing another production disaster, or an aging actor trying to explain computerized special effects.  "So apparently they take a computer, and they put a picture of the deceased on it, burn some incense, and cover the whole thing in the blood of a suckling pig, and then hope that their techmo-deity has been appeased.  And if I’m not mistaken, that’s how Transformers was made."

I’m a big Gilliam fan, but motion-capture’s pretty creepy even when it doesn’t have a dead guy’s face grafted onto it.  A zombie joke would probably be in poor taste here, so you’ll have to fill in the blanks yourselves.   

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