Galifianakis’ wasn’t in on this awkward interview. “Allegedly.”

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10.22.10 15 Comments

Here’s an interview Zach Galifianakis did last week with Gordon Keith, a local TV host in Dallas.  Everyone on the internet is calling it “uncomfortable” and “sphincter-clenchingly awkward.”  I saw it, and just assumed it was just a well-executed gag.  Keith does an incredible job of replicating Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns shtick, and I assumed by the way the awkward pauses are of almost identical length to Galifianakis’ Two Ferns videos, that Galifianakis was in on it.  Keith however (who it should be noted does do a comedy show), claims that this was not the case:

To answer a few important sexual questions. Zach Galifianakis is brilliant, and a damn fine actor. No, he was not “in” on it. There was no “in.” I suck as an interviewer, hence I throw them comedic softballs that they can hit outta the park. I thought Zach did just that. “Don’t forget to smell Emma” is my new ringtone. [GordonKeith]

In on it or not, Keith is definitely lying about sucking as an interviewer, because this exchange was perfection:

KEITH: “Compare and contrast this film with all the other films that have been made.”

GALIFIANAKIS:  “With all the other films that have been made?

KEITH: “Well… yes.  Specifically.”

GALIFIANAKIS: “I don’t think I understand the question, you want me to compare and contrast this film with…”

KEITH:  “Well, I didn’t bring a list, but… I don’t know, Wizard of Oz, Sling Blade, Lost… Well, I guess that was more of a TV show now.”

Deliberate or not, I will spend the rest of my days striving in vain for that kind of interview exchange.  Back in my Mel Gibson post, I was a little hard on Galifianakis.  I now admit that I was ignoring one possibility: that he and the other Hangover guys may have refused to do the bit because it wasn’t funny.  That would be a totally acceptable reason.  He seems to have a pretty good handle on that.



“Emma Roberts, star of Emma Roberts movies… Did you two know each other before you met?”

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