Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Still Teasing Another ‘Terminator’ Movie For Some Reason

Depending on what you believe, the idea of a sixth Terminator movie is something that gets people chattering. It could be because of nostalgic fun, wrapped in the idea that they’ll get it right this time. It could be just a desire to see familiar ideas on the big screen for a sixth time. It could even be that a lot of people enjoyed Terminator: Genisys, which seems insane if you look back at the response to the film or actually see it.

No matter the reason, we’re here and we’re talking about Terminator 6. Arnold Schwarzenegger teases its existence during an interview with Australian network Channel 9 and we’re forced to speculate on more according to Complex:

Schwarzenegger was asked about the possibility of a sixth Terminator film to which he responded, “I am looking forward to it, absolutely.” Although he didn’t disclose any additional information on the matter, his expressed excitement is enough to get us pumped for his possible return.

Why do we need additional information? Skynet, John Connor, T-800, time travel. I think we’ve got the premise down pretty well at this point. And it’s a premise that isn’t likely to change up at any point soon. They’ve tried with the last film, we talked about ways it could be changed, and the consensus opinion seems to be for everybody to walk away. We’ve had enough.

If you re-watch the original Terminator and Terminator 2, they hold up very well. You can understand why studios want to keep bringing it back to make some money. They haven’t managed to ruin those movies yet, despite trying very hard.

Should there be another Terminator movie? Have we had enough?