The Box Office For ‘Batman V Superman’ Dropped A Grisly 81% From Week To Week

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04.02.16 32 Comments

Warner Bros.

Holy bad box office results, Batman! In its second weekend at the box office, Batman V Superman dropped an astonishing 81% from weekend to weekend. In its opening frame, the movie did great and succeeded despite savage reviews and disappointment by some fans due to the way the central fight played out and some of the performances. Even Dean Cain chimed in with his opinion.  It’s safe to say Warner Bros. was hoping that word of mouth would be better than critics’ responses to the movie, but it’s looking less and less like box office grosses are immune to bad reviews in this case.

Whereas BvS hauled in a record amount of receipts in its premiere weekend, it has now dropped a record amount in its second. It was only predicted to make $58 million, but it missed even that low prediction by more than $5 million. Turns out not even the joy of seeing Wonder Woman on screen for the first time in decades makes people want to leave their houses to see Batman and Superman fight each other. To make matters even worse, the movie was going up against basically no new competition this weekend and no other comic book fare or action films. Not exactly the vote of confidence from the public that some were expecting, especially since the film has been hyped constantly for going on three years at this point.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean bad news for Wonder Woman or The Justice League, but both of those films might need to lighten things up slightly in order to avoid the same fate.

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