‘Big Hero 6’ Introduces Baymax In A New Clip

Senior Contributor
09.03.14 4 Comments

Big Hero 6 is an odd duck, in that it’s a movie based on a Marvel comic, produced by Disney, but it has nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That doesn’t mean, however, that it doesn’t have a few interesting moments, like the trailer introducing us to a drunk robot. And now we’ve got the first preview clip, largely centered around Baymax.

What’s most attention-getting about Baymax is that they researched how actual robots work. Look at how Baymax moves: He makes a plan, then applies it, even if there are some problems he didn’t anticipate. And when presented with a series of events, he repeats his script until he gets a cue that lets him move on to his next pre-programmed action. It’s actually a pretty cool way to depict robots, especially since he’ll be getting rocket boots and armor at some point.

Also, we’re pretty sure Diagnosis: Puberty ran on CBS Saturday nights, but we could be confused about something. Either way, the clip’s pretty funny, and now we’re looking forward to when this movie arrives November 7th.

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