Catch All The Thrilling Nonexistent Action In The Honest Trailer For Ang Lee’s ‘Hulk’

I’m willing to bet it’s been a while since most of you laid eyes on Ang Lee’s Hulk. Well, prepare yourself, because Honest Trailers took the movie on, and it turns out it’s even worse than you remember.

See, I recall Hulk having really good effects, but man, they’re not holding up so well today. I mean, in some ways Hulk still looks cool. He does have some impressively ripply muscles, but CGI took a totally different path after this movie. Hulk just looks like a weird technological relic. Also, were the scene transitions really that cheesy? I wouldn’t put up with that sh*t in a YouTube video today, never mind a blockbuster superhero movie.

All that said, the movie does feature prime-era Jennifer Connelly, so what the hell, I’d watch it again.

Source: Screen Junkies