New ‘Deadpool’ Banner Wants Lovebirds To See The Film On Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day 2016 fast approaching, Deadpool‘s advertising apparatus is working overtime trying to convince moviegoers to see it when it opens on Friday, Feb. 12. Specifically, the superhero film about a foul-mouthed, fourth-wall-breaking badass wants lovebirds looking for date ideas on Sunday, Feb. 14 to see the film that weekend. Why? Because as Deadpool himself notes in the movie’s Bachelor premiere TV spot, it’s all about romance.

Makes complete sense, right? After all, in the short commercial, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) explains that “when your worst enemy is after your best girl, it’s time to be a superhero.” But a mere 30 seconds of Deadpool posing on a couch, sniffing roses and waxing romantic wouldn’t be enough, so 20th Century Fox made a Valentine’s Day-themed banner for the movie, too.

The banner features Wilson and his girlfriend, Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin), cuddling and smiling while surrounded by out-of-focus lights of indeterminate origin. The main tagline reads “True Love Never Dies,” and following the two performers’ names and the title card, “Valentine’s Day” is billed as the release date.

Obviously, much of this isn’t true. Deadpool isn’t really a romance, nor is it actually coming out on one of the best calendar holidays for florists and card makers. Even so, isn’t it fun to think that at least a few unsuspecting couples will see this banner and think, “Hey! I have a great idea for this year’s date…”

(Via Twitter)

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