Ezra Miller Explains How His Flash Is Not Like That Other Flash

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The world’s fastest superhero is so speedy that even the next actor playing him is about to catch up to the current one. With the DC Comics television and film adaptations kept separate from each other, this means that Ezra Miller’s upcoming film portrayal of The Flash will have to compete with Grant Gustin’s iteration on the popular CW show currently airing in its second season. Entertainment Weekly spoke with Miller on the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to clear up how the actor will create a different character than the one audiences are already familiar with on the small screen.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower star describes his version as “an exploration of a human being,” and goes on to further elaborate:

“I’d like the character to have many dimensions. But really, I’d like him to have the usual dimensions we know and love, and then some extra ones that are part of the amazing consideration of this superhero. I hope to realize him as a person, and I think what’s most exciting for me in superhero mythologies is when we feel the humanity of someone who is heroic — or the heroism of someone who is a flawed, deeply human person.”

Miller’s description of the character, who will be seen in 2017’s Justice League followed by a 2018 solo adventure, fits in with the direction that started with Man of Steel by digging into what makes these heroes tick. This will set him apart from Gustin’s Barry Allen and his show, which is closer in tone to the lighter Silver Age of comics rather than the more grounded recent decades of superhero stories.

(via Entertainment Weekly)