‘Game Of Thrones’ Assembles Its Own ‘Suicide Squad’ In A Badass Trailer Edit

(Video contains violent footage and spoilers for Game of Thrones.)

Game of Thrones just wrapped up its explosive sixth season, complete with obscure references, shocking deaths, and parental theory confirmations. While we wait (longer than we thought we’d have to) for season seven, we at least have this mashup editing clips from the first six seasons in the style of the second trailer for next month’s Suicide Squad.

The trailer edit was made by Dominic, one third of the YouTube channel VG934, and it provides further proof for the age old premise that we will watch any mashup setting Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in rhythm with badass and violent Game of Thrones clips. Yes, please condense this into some manner of elixir and spray it directly into our unworthy eyeballs.

Dominic picked exactly the right characters (well, maybe not Bran) to form the squad, and of course Ramsay Bolton is the Joker. Bolton and the Joker are a perfect match; one of them is the type of bastard who sent a dick in a box to a victim’s family members, and the other is played by an actor who sent dildos and used condoms to coworkers. We wouldn’t want either of them to show us their toys.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)