J.K. Rowling Enjoys Tom Felton And Matthew Lewis’ Rivalry As Much As The Fans Do

"Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2" New York Premiere - After Party
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Literary sorceress J.K. Rowling maintains a lively presence on Twitter where she often interacts with fans. She regularly switches up between praising alternate theories and shooting down hopes and dreams for a television series. Rowling also uses the social media platform to keep tabs on the actors who embodied characters in her beloved Harry Potter franchise.

On Saturday, Rowling stepped back from the action and into the role of spectator when she noticed Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis taking some good-natured jabs at one another on Twitter. These guys are friends and former colleagues and respect each other, but let’s get real. Felton and Lewis spent years in the roles of Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom. They like each other quite a bit, but they’ve been programmed to spar. They also realize the fandom is watching, so they’re having fun with the notion of a smackdown.

Rowling is also enjoying the show. She gave “my boys” a little nod to show them mama’s still “proud” of how they still want to throw each other into a horrific chasm of doom.

To be fair, Rowling created these boys’ characters, and she can destroy them too. I smell a sequel coming. Malfoy and Longbottom in a mud pit together. Surely, there’s a fanfiction that details this scenario already.