Marvel Has Given Us Yet Another ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Groot Figure That We Don’t Want

At this point, Marvel is going to make fifty different versions of Baby Groot from the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy before we finally get what we want. Then again, who am I, maybe you love that sort of thing? You want nothing but Baby Groot’s just staring at you as they surround the room. Could be bliss.

If that’s the case, Dragon Models is here to bring you a mixture between a display figure and model kit for Baby Groot. He doesn’t dance, he doesn’t sway, but he looks cute as hell. And it’s also a more accurate representation, sure to make even the hardest breathing fan boy happy.

I think I’ll just wait for the day when I can grow my own Groot. It won’t turn out to be lovable or helpful in any way, probably hurling me through a window before trapping me in some sort of bark cocoon for nourishment.

(Via Slash Film / Dragon Models)