The ‘Men In Black’/’Jump Street’ Crossover Has A Sequel-Mocking Title

23 Jump Street Men in Black
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There’s not a crossover idea out there right now that’s stranger than mashing up the alien-hunting Men In Black and the less than competent undercover cops of the Jump Street series. But it looks like they’re coming together after all, as Sony has not only announced the movie is on the way, they’ve given it a title: MiB 23.

So they’re making fun of franchises that have a ridiculous number of sequels? We can get behind that! Between the two franchises, they’ve already got five movies under their collective belt. It helps that if you count the various movie posters that ended 22 Jump Street, it’s sorta accurate. Especially since it’s been claimed that all of those posters are in continuity. It makes sense, though, since the entirety of 22 Jump Street was a satire of lazy sequels that repeat formulas. Really, Sony probably could not get a louder or clearer message that the Jump Street franchise was going to have to do something different to continue, and if nothing else, sending the guys after a bunch of aliens is definitely “something different.”

As for when we might see this strange crossover, Sony’s looking for a director and both Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are on board. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith don’t appear to be coming back, though, which is a shame. It seems likely that our crack undercover squad is going to wind up joining the Men In Black, however temporarily. Jenko and Schmidt are probably getting their memories wiped at the end of the movie, one way or the other, but hey, at least they’ll get to hang out with aliens.

(Via ScreenRant)