Everything We Learned From The New ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Trailer

The premiere of X-Men: Apocalypse is still two and a half months away. Thankfully, it seems like we can’t go a few days without a new trailer or some posters to keep us interested. Otherwise, we’d forget all about it for like a day and end up focusing on Batman v Superman or Civil War for too long, and no way does Fox want that.

In the latest trailer, we learned a little more about what the next X-Men installment is all about. At the top of the trailer, we got a little big of a conversation between Xavier and Magneto, which points toward the growing rift between the two. The love/hate friendship between Charles and Xavier is one of the most interesting relationships in the whole series, so Magneto joining Apocalypse as one of his horsemen might be that step they can’t take back.

We also saw a lot more of Magneto’s fellow horsemen in action. We had to wait until the Super Bowl teaser to get a cut of Psylocke (outside of the many videos that Olivia Munn shares), but Angel and Storm join in too now, proving why they’re strong enough to be Apocalypse’s pick of the litter. With a glimpse of Apocalypse’s origin, we learned a little more about how he comes back into play in the world, thousands of years later. Storm seems vital to his return, using her storming abilities.

The roles of Mystique and Quicksilver are also explored a little more in this trailer. Mystique now seems to be the leader of the X-Men newbies, which gives the franchise a good way to use Jennifer Lawrence (as I don’t know how a shapeshifter is really supposed to stop a mutant god). It looks like Quicksilver is figuring out he should finally get off his butt to take more of a role in the whole saving the world bit, which is great since he could have pretty much fixed everything in the last installment.

Plus, we got brief glimpses of Stryker and Havoc. And more Nightcrawler. We should always have more Nightcrawler. Still waiting on the surprise appearances of Maggot and Skin, the best X-Men of all, to save the day.

Memorial Day is still so far away. Let’s hope Fox keeps it up with this promo.