Here Are Some Of The Original ‘Star Wars’ Characters That’ll Be Back For ‘The Force Awakens’

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12.09.15 3 Comments

(Spoilers for Episode VII ahead.)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has a lot of ground to cover, character-wise. There are a ton of new people to introduce (all of which I look forward to seeing in child form in the prequel, Star Wars: Episode VI.5), but who will be back from the original films? There’s a lot riding on this movie as J.J. Abrams has felt the intense, Death Star trench run-esque pressure to make this one good, so it’s not surprising that he’ll be bringing back some of the old favorites to ensure both returning and new audience members enjoy it. Let’s run through who we know will be back.

Jar Jar Binks will not be making an appearance. Just wanted to lead with that. Why Episodes II and III felt the need to include that bozo I’ll never know. It would be like Game Of Thrones season six to take place entirely in Dorne. The Ewoks are also left out of Episode VII, which I think is a shame to me and one other person, because I loved those things.

Obviously, from the trailers, Han and Chewie are “coming home,” somehow joining forces with newbies Rey and Finn. Leia will be back, although she has rejected her Force sensitive heritage in the pursuit of being a military general and leading her people against the First Order. Despite a complete absence from previews and posters, Luke Skywalker will definitely be back, although it’s unclear in what capacity. And it wouldn’t be a Star Wars movie without C-3PO and R2-D2.

Besides the major players from IV-VI, Admiral Ackbar is also confirmed as returning, probably pointing out additional obvious ploys way too late. From a recent TV spot, we can see the lesser known, unintelligible co-pilot Nien Nunb will have a role in Force Awakens. There was even a rumor that Yoda’s back. The only other addition that would break Star Wars fans’ minds everywhere is if Patton Oswalt was right and Boba Fett will be back. Wait, that’s a rumor too. Fingers crossed for IG-88 and Lando.

Who do you want to see in Force Awakens from the original films’ cast?

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