Is This The Strangest Theory Yet Behind Rey’s Identity?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens put Rey front and center, but for all the attention she got, there weren’t a lot of answers about her past. So, fans are stepping in with theories, and this might be the wildest yet.

Needless to say, there will be spoilers beyond this point. If you’re not going to stick around, please enjoy this GIF of Indiana Jones running away from BB-8:

Now that we’re rid of the spoiler crowd, take a look at this 9GAG banner. Go ahead, read the whole thing. We’ll wait.

Yes, this is an argument that Rey is really a reincarnated Anakin Skywalker, looking to right past wrongs. Some of this theory is at least interesting; this fan points out that Rey’s major flashback is triggered by Anakin’s lightsaber, for example. Other parts… well, let’s say they’re a little thin, but it’s still an intriguing idea.

If you saw “Rey is the reincarnated Anakin Skywalker” and immediately were skeptical, we are, too, even if that would make for an awesome “I am your grandfather” moment in Episode VIII. We don’t see Kylo Ren handling that well at all.

But there is a good point nestled amid this argument that Rey is Anakin because she’s good at fixing spaceships and doesn’t like sand. The Skywalkers tend to share traits; both Anakin and Luke are good pilots, good with machines to the point where they can repair or build droids, capable with the Force, and have a tendency to get stranded on desert planets longing for something more before it falls in their lap. So, maybe Rey isn’t Anakin, but she sure seems on paper like she’s got a Skywalker somewhere in her lineage.

(Via 9GAG)

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