A ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Deleted Scene Puts Kylo Ren On The Millennium Falcon

We know that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have a hefty seven deleted scenes when it arrives on home video in May. The main question is really what’s on those deleted scenes, and the trailer above has a tantalizing answer.

It seems that Kylo Ren boarded the Millennium Falcon in the original cut of the movie, before JJ Abrams cut it out as part of the half-hour of footage he left on the cutting room floor. This footage doesn’t appear to line up with fan speculation about what these deleted scenes might contain, either, although one rumor did claim Kylo shot down the Falcon in the script. It seems that the bit was originally supposed to establish that Kylo Ren had a stronger connection to Han Solo than we might have thought at first, and was ultimately cut to speed along the plot.

Of course, considering that rumors had been circulating for months about Kylo Ren and what his exact connection to Han really was, maybe Abrams might have decided not to play coy with it. Either way, we’ll be curious to see just where else the scene might go, as well as what else didn’t make the theatrical release. And it’s just a month away: The Blu-Ray release arrives April 5.

(Via io9)