The Power Rangers Movie Will Be ‘Grounded’ But ‘Playful’

While it’s possible to do a dark and gritty version of the Power Rangers, let’s be realistic here: Most people don’t want to see the Rangers chopping lines with their Zords and doing groupies. They want to see stunt teams in motorcycle helmets fighting guys in rubber suits. And that’s what the upcoming movie will offer, according to its director, just with slightly less cheese.

Dean Israelite, the director behind Project Almanac, was quizzed by IGN recently about the Power Rangers movie and laid out the tone:

…it needs to be really fun and funny… I hope it’s going to feel very grounded at the same time, and very contemporary and have a real edge to it…

Eh, really, as long as there are rubber suits and goofy fights, you’ve hit all the key points. Everything else is just gravy. Really, Israelite could just stuff in a random Oscar bait script in between the fights and most people wouldn’t notice. Come to think of it, he should totally do that. Meryl Streep would play Rita Repulsa, right?

(Via IGN)