Release Dates For ‘Transformers’ 5, 6 And 7 Reveal Paramount Is Annualizing The Series

Get ready for more Transformers than you may want to meet your eyes. We’ve known for some time there’s no escaping Transformers 5, but Paramount has announced firm release dates for Transformers 6 and 7, as well.

Transformers 5 hits theaters June 23, 2017. The fifth entry in the series will star Mark Wahlberg and once again feature Michael Bay behind the lens. The movie will open the same week as Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman. Can Wonder Woman slay the mighty Wahlberg and his transforming car? I’m stressed about it already.

Transformers 6 is set to arrive June 8, 2018, the same day as Godzilla 2. Meanwhile, Transformers 7 has parked its butt on June 28, 2019. So yes, Transformers is going to be an annual franchise for the next few years (and maybe beyond). I suppose we should have seen this coming – the Transformers movies are pretty much the cinematic equivalent of Call of Duty. No word on who’s involved in Transformers 6 and 7, but we can assume Michael Bay will deny he’s directing both before changing his mind at the last minute.

Excited that robot car-men punching each other is becoming an annual tradition? Now that they’ve done Dinobots, where can they possible go with this thing? Head on down and transform the comments section.

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