50 Cent Helps Stephen Colbert Start A Friendly War Of Words With His Late Night Competition

01.05.18 4 months ago

50 Cent has really shown himself to be a fun late night guest over the past few years. He’s had plenty of fun with Jimmy Kimmel in the past, but Thursday sent him to The Late Show to help Stephen Colbert take a few swipes at his competitor. Friendly swipes, of course.

That’s because Colbert is the top dog and 50 Cent wants him to act like it by putting his other late-night foes in their place. Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Bobby Flay get the targets placed on their backs, with Kimmel getting the rough talk from the hip-hop mogul when he says, “f*ck Jimmy Kimmel.”

It’s all in fun and for the real demonstration, Kimmel is replaced by Flay because he’s not anywhere near late-night television and he needs a good talking to. He teaches Colbert the proper look to have and the right attitude, saying “f*ck you” you Flay and then stomping him from the top of the heap. That’s what top dogs have to do.

Colbert also compares 50-Cent to Trump early on, giving the rapper a shiver up his spine before he moves on to compare Trump’s bluster to the things you would say in the neighborhood. He says he’s bluffing, but then quickly adds that you’re not supposed to bluff with the entire world:

“You don’t do that. He don’t want that smoke. We don’t want that smoke.”

Wise words from the man who was shot nine times, though he’s quick to say beef is not always a bad thing. It’s just bad when there are nuclear weapons on the line.

(Via The Late Show)

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