BEWARE’s Block: Proving A Bit Difficult

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Key – “Apples” (Prod. by Executive Beats)

There are some obvious influences permeating from Key’s “Apples.” Regardless, this soulful, bare-bones single from the rising South Family MC is hard to deny. Once Key added his flawless flow and magnetic energy to Executive Beats’ clean, sample-based production, the final product was bound to have listeners taking a big ol’ bite out of the catchy single.

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Brasstracks feat. Masego – “Melanin Man”

To celebrate the release of their Good Love EP, Brooklyn production duo Brasstracks dropped one of the project’s standouts in “Melanin Man.” The upbeat song features DMV Jazz vocalist Masego, who provides soulful vocals that compliment the horn-heavy engine and turn corporate America’s pillaging of Black culture into a positive message of power. His words couldn’t be more true, making the collaboration equally powerful and catchy.

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Los Coast – “Simplify”

With so much going on our lives, we’re always trying to “Simplify” things whenever possible. Los Coast clearly understands the need to shed dead weight, because the Austin, Texas group has made a new anthem around the concept. The funky groove is built on traditional soul vibes that encourage listeners to stand up and put their hands to sky and push forward, offering empowering vibes that sound authentic in every way possible. Church is in session.

LOOPRAT – “All the Way Live” Video

“This is soul food for thought, hope your mind think it’s delicious” That line from the first verse of LOOPRAT’s “All the Way Live” video shouldn’t be met with much resistance. Watch this loose, jam-oriented video from this STL group and you’ll inevitably be grooving along to the well-mixed combination of jazzy, big band vibes and killer rhymes. The track was already fun, but the pop-up concert video brings the live, organic elements of the track to life quite nicely. LOOP’s upcoming How Live? album drops Aug 26.

Smook Deville and VictoriousVIC – “How We Living” Video

The hook on Smook and VIC’s new single “How We Living” might be a bit too repetitive, but the rest of the track is so fresh, we’re rocking either way. Between the perfectly delivered blue collar rhymes and mezmerizing boom-bap production, this New York-centric track offers a welcomed vibe that’s appropriate for most moods, no matter where you live. Plus, the visual is pretty slick too, matching the song’s tunnel-vision concept well.

Locksmith – “Black Hole” Video

Doubt Locksmith all you want, but the more you do, the more you feed his hunger. Watch “Black Hole” and see the California microphone killer ferocious as ever, rapping about how he bench-presses the weight of the world with ease atop murky instrumentation that’s matched perfectly with visuals of colorful darkness. Olive Branch is dropping soon and we should expect nothing but heat.

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NOSIA – “Miniatures”

If you haven’t taken a shower yet today, you may want to wait until after hearing NOSIA’s “Miniatures,” as the Dutch production trio has a scorcher on their hands with this simmering, bass-heavy instrumental single. There are no words, only dripping wet synths, live low-ends, snapping drums and a jungle of eclectic sounds that come together to produce an audible hot spring that’s just waiting to be jumped in. Hear more sonic adventures from NOSIA via their Outer Edges album, which you can find on iTunes.

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DNNY KAY – “See Thru”

Amidst thousands of other releases, DNNY KAY stands out with sheer simplicity. “See Thru” isn’t overly complicated at all, managing to deliver a house vibe with a stepper’s groove via no more than ten layers of stems. Dripping wet synths, melodic bass and choice Biggie vocals? We’re all set.

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