Big Sean Handles ‘IDFWU”s Comical YouTube Comments Like A True Champ

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Say what you want about Big Sean, but the haters have never been a concern for him. This proved when the Chicago rapper sat down to answer a few YouTube comments for his 2014 “I Don’t F*ck With You” music video as part of Noisey’s The People Vs. series.

Big Sean turned a negative into a positive when a commenter said his hit single gave him gas that made him want to “drop kick [his] English teacher down some stairs.” Rather than a polite “f*ck you,” Sean Don said he might end up taking the ridiculous reaction as a challenge. “That might be by new standard,” he jokes in the video. “To make my song so good that it makes you want to kick somebody down the stairs.”

While “I Don’t F*ck With You” sounds every bit like a diss song dedicated to his ex, Sean says it might not be. The record was actually done while he was still dating former girlfriend Naya Rivera, revealing, “At the time I had a girlfriend, but then, maybe, there goes a couple of lines I added later. It may have been towards somebody. I don’t know.” What he does know is that contrary to common sense, “IDFWU” is a positive song. “I’ve seen people so f*cking happy when I’ve performed this song on stage. That’s what is suppose to do. It’s suppose to make you feel like some type of emotion.” Now that I think of it, I’ve never seen anyone crying to “IDFWU.”

(via Noisey)

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