Big Sean And Mike Will Made-It’s ‘On The Come Up’ Video Is Shockingly Intense

When you’re Mike Will Made-It and you’ve got the golden palette the whole rap world wants to use, you can get just about anybody on a track. It’s no surprise that his latest compilation album Ransom 2 is a star-studded affair, now he just has to decide what songs he’s going to push. The latest track to receive a little bump is “On The Come Up,” from Big Sean as the duo released the video for the song on Wednesday.

Much like the track’s instrumental, the visual is stunning. It features plenty of driving through sunny Los Angeles, as well as a police shooting that leads to a frenetic chase to wrap up the video. It may feel a tad off topic for the song’s content, but it fits the tone. The ominous instrumental and haunting opera sample present a backdrop for a visual this dense.

It all brings the video to the forefront, rendering the music a secondary concern, giving the the visuals more impact and significance. While you may not have been expecting a profound production for a random, loose Big Sean cut, what you get is a pleasant surprise and yet another reason to spin the track and give Ransom 2 some burn.