Bobby Shmurda Could Reportedly Be Out Of Prison On Parole As Early As December 2020

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It looks like Bobby Shmurda may be facing the specter of freedom earlier than previously thought. In 2016 the Brooklyn rhymer took a plea deal for 7 years in prison and 5 years of probation — then later received an additional year for having a shank brought into Rikers Island — but TMZ reports that he could be out on parole as early as December 2020. He’s apparently been credited with the 685 days he served before he accepted his plea. Bobby’s first parole hearing at New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility is in August 2020 instead of 2020. If he’s approved for parole, he would purportedly be freed that December, 6 years to the month that he and 15 other alleged members of his G$9 crew were incarcerated at the height of his fame. He has previously said he felt pressured to take the deal. Perhaps a potential early, holiday-timed release could be some solace.

Bobby pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon. He was previously charged with conspiracy to commit murder and other guns and drug charges related to his alleged crew’s operations in Brooklyn.

Off the strength of songs like “Hot N—,” “Computers,” and “Bobby B*tch,” Bobby Shmurda and G$9 once had New York on fire. Despite their brute content, the crew radiated a good vibe that had Brooklyn and beyond supporting their movement. Hopefully, Bobby can get out and rekindle that energy – specifically that artistic kinship he had brewing with Migos, who they were set to do a Shmigos mixtape with around the time of their incarceration.