Boosie Squashes Talk Of Tension With Newly-Freed Kevin Gates By Inviting Him To Boosie Bash

01.30.18 1 year ago

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Boosie is getting ready for his Boosie Bash 2018, a concert promising some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Much like with Lil Wayne’s Lil Weezyana Fest, Boosie is trying to utilize his network to bring as many stars as possible to the boot, which is awesome. Boosie promises “the biggest show Louisiana has ever seen” on Instagram. While that could be taken as mere salesmanship by Boosie, he may be right. The inaugural Boosie Bash could be noteworthy not only because of the music, but for the first appearance by Kevin Gates since coming home from incarceration since October 2016.

Boosie took to Instagram to tell his following that he just got finished talking with Gates, and he hopes that Gates’ parole lets him travel to the event in their native Baton Rouge. Gates is still under mandatory supervision and must ask for permission to travel from city to city.

It’s good to see Boosie say he reached out to Gates, as speculation has persisted that the two artists had tension. It’s curious that for years, both artists have been looked at as “kings” of Baton Rouge, and have had relatively little interaction – aside from a 2008 collaboration and a 2016 scuffle between the two camp’s entourages. It’s rumored that the sticking point was Boosie’s beef with slain rapper Nussie, who Kevin Gates was an affiliate of. Then-16-year-old Baton Rouge resident Mike “Marlo” Louding told police in 2010 that he shot and killed Nussie for Lil Boosie, though he admitted he lied and neither he or Boosie was involved — and he didn’t even know Boosie at the time of the murder.

Boosie has always maintained that he had no problem with Gates, and he put his money where his mouth was by offering Gates a set at his Boosie Bash. Hopefully he can come.

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