Watch Buddy And Kaytranada Two-Wheel In A Jeep And Dance In LA’s Streets For The ‘World Of Wonders’ Video

Hip-Hop Editor

The music video for “World of Wonders,” — the latest single from the outstanding Ocean & Montana EP from the rap/production duo of Buddy and Kaytranada — picks up where the trippy, imaginative “Find Me” video left off. After dreaming about flying a car through a cloudy sky, Buddy awakens on Kaytranada’s couch (or his grandmother’s, considering the plastic on the cushions), still wearing the castaway-inspired outfit he was wearing in the “Find Me” video — an outfit that remains completely, hilariously unexplained.

Kay wakes up his groggy partner in rhyme with some fast-paced French, roasts him for his outfit for a bit, and after a quick change of clothes for the rapper, they embark on another adventure in LA, set to the tropical finger snaps and woodwinds of “World Of Wonders.” They are picked up by a cowboy hat-sporting friend in a bright orange jeep for some cruising, picking up girls, busting out wheelies, and generally goofing off on a carefree day on the sun-drenched west coast. Dancing, laughing, and good vibes ensue as the sun shines, and eventually sets, with the fellas and their female friends enjoying a night drive through the City of Angels with the top down and (presumably) speakers booming.

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