Buddy Feels Lost And Alone On His Shimmering New Single ‘Find Me’ Produced By Kaytranada

Today rapper/singer Buddy announced the imminent arrival of a brand new EP titled Ocean & Montana. What’s more, he revealed that the entire project was produced by Kaytranada. To help build some buzz for the release, the Pharrell associate shared a stunning new single “Find Me.” The song is a shimmering examination of his life growing up in Compton where he often finds himself feeling lost and alone. “Lord willing we won’t die tonight,” he prays through the verses. “I’ll fly by myself / realizing that I can’t hide from myself.”

The title of Buddy’s upcoming EP refers to a cross-street intersection near the beach in Santa Monica that he would frequently visit to escape the noise and grind of Compton. “Every time I get off the freeway in Compton, it’s a damn fire truck or a damn police car pulling somebody over,” Buddy said in a press release. “Sirens, all of that. The roads still got hella potholes. People are still standing around doing nothing, gangbanging. You could still potentially get robbed when you walk around the corner.”

Ocean & Montana is set to drop next week on May 19 via Cool LIL Company. You can listen to the lead single “Find Me” above.