Cam’Ron & A-Trak On The Cover Of Complex’s April/May 2014 Issue

03.10.14 5 years ago

Cam, what were your thoughts when Dame told you about a possible Fool’s Gold collab with A-Trak?
Cam’ron: I thought it was dope. Last year, at this DJ battle, Miss Info was telling me about A-Trak. This is something brand-new to me; I didn’t even know nothing about this world or this culture. She mentioned he was one of the biggest people to do it. So when Dame called me and said we should do an EP together, I was like, “Let’s do it. Sounds good.”

Back to the music: The first song you released, “Humphrey,” had a lot of people buzzing because you said that you want to fight [boxing legend] Bernard Hopkins.
Cam’ron: I gotta tell you the whole story now. Me and Dame was talking about how Bernard Hopkins is fighting for money—and he’s never gonna get another pay-per-view fight. He wants to fight Floyd Mayweather, which is basically suicide for him. I’m saying to myself, I’ll fight him on pay-per-view, seven rounds. And Dame was like, you should get that set up. Bernard Hopkins, he’s a great boxer and he’s the champ. But he ain’t knock nobody out since ’05—and he’s 49. So I think I can go six or seven rounds with him.
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Check out the Cam’ron and Atrack, “Two the Hard Way,” trailer below.

Cam’ron & A-Trak “Two the Hard Way” Movie Trailer from Complex.

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