Nicki Minaj Stans Keep Terrorizing Cardi B Over An Instagram Post And Cardi Is Biting Back

Now that Cardi B is on the come up, Nicki Minaj’s fans seem to be trying to instigate beef between them. Cardi says two rappers have never met and that she would have no reason to dislike or trade barbs (heh) with Nicki. After posting an Instagram post celebrating the success of her most recent single, “Bodak Yellow,” Nicki Minaj stans, perhaps sensing a threat to the queen’s throne, set upon Cardi’s comments with daggers and insults, prompting the outspoken rapper to post a tweet venting about the situation. ““Other people fan be on my d*ck more then my own fan..Trying to start problem I mind my business stop sniffing my d*ck ..D*CK EATERS. B*tch nikkas tag me 3 times on the sh*t non stop & it is my business cause It’s MY NAME MY PICTURE..soo how that’s not my business.”

Nicki’s fans have plenty of reason to ride for their leader, with her helping to pay for their education expenses, and providing them plenty of fodder for speculation with her own social media antics, but if anything Cardi would probably rather take some business advice from her multi-hyphenate colleague, especially as she’s just setting out.

While picking on Nicki has provided a career boost for some, Cardi is working on building her own brand recognition, with killer performances and a brand new record deal with Atlantic Records.

And while Cardi may have gotten caught in the middle of the feud between Nicki and Remy Ma, she would rather generate support from her own fanbase, which, let’s be honest, probably has more overlap than Nicki’s more outspoken fans are willing to admit.