Chad Hugo Suddenly Retired From Music And N.E.R.D Fans Are In Shambles

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Chad Hugo rarely tweets, so whenever he does it seems to hold more weight than your typical 140-character stream of consciousness. The less is more approach officially peaked on Sunday afternoon when Chad chose the platform to suddenly announce that he was retiring from the music business, much to his fan’s dismay. “It’s official. I resign from the music business,” he said getting straight to the point. “Thanks again, people, for your support throughout all these years. Good luck/God bless!”

Chad, of course, is one half of the production duo The Neptunes, shaping pop and rap’s premiere sounds for years alongside the more outwardly famous Pharrell. Along with Shay Haley they also made up N.E.R.D, the funk/rock/rap hybrid band that garnered a cult-like following despite only having four albums and one Top 40 hit in their 15 years of existence. A reunion album for the group has been teased in recent years but never came into fruition despite fan’s please.

As of late, Chad has mostly been a family man, but has popped up for scant production work with Pharrell, most notably Snoop Dogg’s Bush album in 2015. It should be noted, though, Chad has since deleted the tweet, so maybe he was feeling overzealous or got cold feet, or maybe he just wanted to keep his tweet count down. Who knows?

Either way, fans of him, The Neptunes and N.E.R.D were in shambles after the announcement.