Noted Art Connoisseur Chance The Rapper Is Calling All Painters For A Crazy Commissioned Piece

Senior Music Writer

Chance The Rapper is an idea man. More than that, Chance The Rapper likes to get others involved into his many different projects. Whether it’s the Magnificent Coloring Day Festival that took over the Chicago White Sox stadium last year or his efforts raise funding and awareness for Chicago Public Schools, Chano regularly relies on the public at large to help enact his vision.

Today, after rolling something up and having a little smoke session he did it again, putting out a call for some custom art over social media.

“Hey, uh, I got an idea for a commission,” Chance said in a short video clip he posted up to his Twitter account. “Calling all artists, I want a big-ass painting with all the people from the 27 club in their 60s at an expensive-ass resort,” he said, alluding to the likes of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. Then he clarified, “They honestly don’t have to be in the 27 club. Anyone who died too young, but I want them imagined in their 60s.”

If you’re good with the oils, it might behoove you to sketch a response and hop in Chano’s mentions. You never know, you might end up with some good coin and a major co-sign in the process.

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